Canopy Mural (Ebony) x Hygge & West
Canopy Mural (Ebony) x Hygge & West
Canopy Mural (Ebony) x Hygge & West
Canopy Mural (Ebony) x Hygge & West
Canopy Mural (Ebony) x Hygge & West
Canopy Mural (Ebony) x Hygge & West
Canopy Mural (Ebony) x Hygge & West
Canopy Mural (Ebony) x Hygge & West

Canopy Mural (Ebony) x Hygge & West

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Take a stroll beneath a cascading botanical waterfall, where flower petals and trailing greenery drip from above like rain. Whether this mural is used on a single focal wall or on an entire room to create a floral cocoon, you can create your very own wild haven with this unexpected take on a timeless motif.

COLOR: Ebony
Shades of brown, pink, coral, green and cream flora on a soft black background.


  • This mural consists of 3 panels. Each panel measures 24” wide by 124” high. The mural also repeats horizontally and can be used on walls wider than 72” wide. Panels are named A-C (A being the far left panel to C being the far right panel). The height of the illustration is approximately 36" in length.
  • Sample: 8" x 10"
  • Pricing is per panel
  • Please ensure that you order the correct amount as we do not guarantee that panels printed in different batches will match exactly.
  • Samples are provided for review of the material and print technique - they are not intended to be used for color matching and your sample will not contain all of the motifs. There can be slight shifts in color between runs, so your wallpaper may vary slightly from sample coloring. Samples are a miniature version of the full design and are not to scale.
  • Made to order; Non-returnable
  • If you select expedited shipping, your order will ship via the method you select once the panels are printed.
  • Finish: pre-trimmed
  • Material: PVC-free pre-pasted paper
  • Highly durable and fade resistant
  • Washable with mild soap and water
  • Class A fire-rated

This luxe, modern wallpaper is digitally printed on PVC-free, pre-pasted paper



LINNA was founded in 2021 by celebrated illustrator Lisel Ashlock. After working as a commercial illustrator in New York for many years, Lisel traded East for West and moved with her family to Petaluma, California.

For over a decade she has brought her unique vision of flora & fauna to New York Times best-sellers, wine & spirits bottles, packaging & advertising, children’s books, wallpaper & murals, and countless editorial projects.

Lisel founded LINNA to share this penchant with all those that love lush botanicals and over-dressed birds.